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Who We Are

We entertain, we tell stories, we move people, create ideas and help shift your product off the shelves. Kojak Films is a producer based full service commercials production company with offices in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. 
Using  a selection of both international and local freelance directors and over 25 years worth of production experience, we deliver high-end production value content across a range of formats. Our network of partners allows us to adapt to the changing needs of the industry and offer a range of creative solutions from gear to locations to post production.

Some of Our Work

A quick preview to some of our work…

MiWay Insuring moments

What if your insurer doesn’t just insure things, but insured what those things mean to you?

MiWay Insurance

A humor ad illustrating how staff go out of their way for the Live Your Way campaign.

MiWay “Shoot, send & claim”

MiWay hero finds his car has been vandalized. Spot directed by Graham Rose.

Legal Wise

When your ready to take on the world and go for your goals, it’s always best to have a lawyer on your side

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