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Told You So

We don’t have much to say about our company but it seems everyone else does!

I collaborated with Caroline for over a year when she was running the TV department at Grey South Africa. Caroline is an absolutely stellar producer. She demonstrated a real passion for the creative production process and a huge amount of knowledge and experience. She proved to be a fantastic person to have on your side in any situation. As far as possible, all the stress and worry was removed from the process and productions flowed along smoothly. (As did the champagne.) I look forward to working with her again. Soon.

From the desk of Catherine Ireland

I have had the pleasure of working with Caroline many times over the past 20 years – every time we have briefed her we have always felt that our ideas have been in safe hands, and most importantly, our clients have felt the same.

Over the past year Kojak has produced 22 different commercials for us with such finesse that it made ‘the process’ not seem like a process at all.

It is a great testament to Caroline that Kojak can offer legendary directors like Graham Rose and such fresh talent in likes of Ari Kruger, a new legend in the making.

I highly recommend Kojak for you, your clients and their brands.

Clinton Bridgeford, Domino Digital Design Co

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Caroline for two years while at King James Johannesburg. Caroline values the creative process above all else and ensures the team are given everything required to make the best spots possible.

Her deep knowledge of production and strong ability to make things happen no matter what, make her a formidable producer to to have on your team.

You always know everything is sorted, and no-one but Caroline can do such a professional job in such fabulous high heels!

Greg Cameron, gc

I have had the pleasure of working with Caroline on many TV jobs, and from Burundi recces to irate directors and creatives she has handled it all with ease. She is whip smart, funny, not afraid of calling a spade a spade, but above all can make the impossible happen (or has 3 suitable substitutes for impossible at hand). She knows her craft well, and lets the likes of myself worry about the ad at hand – not about making it happen. I look forward to working again with Caroline

Jayson Dicks, Freelance Adman

It’s been about twelve years, 10 months and thirteen days since Caroline and I first worked together. (A couple more by the time you read this.)

Our jobs have taken us from the deserts of Egypt to the flyovers of London. We’ve shot with an uncooperative camel, two humble superstars, a child with a god complex, a very friendly weather god and far too many Hollywood wannabees to mention.

Of course, we’ve also wanted to shoot a couple of clients along the way but that’s probably the only thing that Caroline and her team at Kojak films have not been able to pull off.

Derek Postmus, Creative Director, Cheil Communications

Just finished another shoot with Caroline and Kojak films. As ever, she made the background machinery almost invisible and the agency look good at all times. Working with her and her directors and crew (this time round the director was Ari Kruger) is always a light, well-organised, enjoyable experience as she adeptly steers us over and away from any looming obstacles towards a great end product. Can’t wait for the next one.

Gordon McIntyre, Creative Director, OliverMcIntyre Advertising

Working with Kojak Films isn’t work. It’s a pleasure! There’s no shortage of passion from eye-opening talent and the production process is as smooth as a bald guy’s head with an end result that is just as shiny.

Desiree Brown (Original Writing)