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We Do Great Productions

Since 2005, Kojak Films has been rolling out great productions for advertising agencies and marketers in South Africa – and internationally.

Our reputation for smooth, cost effective production solutions covers a range of blue chip clients and continents. We’ve produced great telly for Samsung (in South Africa and internationally); for MiWay, Steers, Sealy, Grafton, Heineken International, Proctor & Gamble, Nampak, Mazda, Ford (in South Africa) and Real Insurance (in Australia).

 We’ve facilitated filming in the UK, Egypt, Botswana, Thailand, Australia and Nigeria, and we know the South African film industry like the back of our hand. From our base in Johannesburg or our satellite office in Cape Town, we’ll customize our services to suit your needs – including setting up location specific production offices wherever required.

Kojak Films offers directors and separate production services.

We’re a tight team. We love what we do. We dig Telly! This makes it easy for us to work together efficiently, keeping costs down and ensuring your production and experience is top notch.

Our focus is you – and making sure you love what we do, as much as we do!